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    Parish Priest: Reverend Deryn Roberts

    01566 880081







    St Clether Church

    Sunday 15th July 2018

    Church Service 11.15 am

    PASTY Lunch and Cream Teas. 12.30

    DUCK RACE 1.30

    Get your ducks for £1 from Rose Harper (01840) 212505


    1st Prize £20,

    2ndprize £10 and 3rdprize £5.


    Please park at the Church and walk down to the river Inney for the start of the Duck race.







    Rectory Ramblings


    I recently had a visit from a friend of mine and my husband’s of many years, who lives in the USA. He arrived just as the weather began to get warmer and the sun to come out. He was amazed and delighted by the great variety of flowers and plants that seemed to spring up everywhere overnight – all those bright, fresh colours, and so many shades of green. He had forgotten, he said, just how beautiful the UK – and Cornwall in particular – is at this time of year, all the new life freshly appearing after the long, cold winter months.

    Every plant, flower, insect, animal, has a different and unique place in the created order. No matter how large or small, important or insignificant they may seem, all are needed in the web of life. They all have a part to play, a role to fulfil, and if any of them are lost, the web ceases to function effectively, and everyone suffers as a result.

    It set me thinking about how rich and varied humankind is. Just like plants and flowers, we are all different, each with our own unique characteristics and appearance. Each of us, like each of the plants, has a unique place and purpose in the web of life. We may be large or small, live our life on the public stage – or quietly in the background - but if the world is to function at its fullest, everyone is needed, everyone has an equally vital and important part to play.

    It led me on to thinking also about the effect of the sun - for example, on each of our churchyards. When the sun shines, the flowers open to drink in its warmth, and the churchyards are riots of colour and activity. But when there’s no sun, the flowers close up, seeming to conserve what energy they have, and insect activity is significantly reduced.

    The same goes for us. We need the physical light of the sun, and equally the spiritual light of Christ. Without either of those, our lives are impoverished. We need to bask in their warmth, absorb some of their energy. We all need to be fed if we are to thrive.

    Some roles are more visible – but that doesn’t mean they are more important. Visible or invisible, all are equally vital to the proper functioning of the whole. If one member suffers, we all suffer together. If one member has something to celebrate, we can all celebrate together. Society needs the range of skills and talents with which we are each born, if it is to flourish.

    My prayer for our villages and communities is that we will continue to support and care for each other, keeping a watchful eye especially for those who are struggling, and that we will do whatever we can to extend that care to other communities which form part of the web of life across the world.

    Your priest and friend,

    Revd Deryn Roberts


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